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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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horse was moving. thomas edison invented a motion picture camera but a horse became america's first movie star 138 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepherd smith. your world is next. a parents' worst nightmare. an alligator snatches their child at disney. the search for a body. to the face of terror. why a luxury trip to saudi arabia is present and center and social media company is being sued for letting isis spread its propaganda. is that fair? this is your world right now. welcome everyone. we're alive in florida where a news conference on that alligator attack is expected at any moment. that search for the 2-year-old victim now being called a recovery operation. how could this possibly happen? animal expert jack hanna with me
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on the phone. jack, repeat the question, how could this possibly happen? the child was wading in less than a foot of water, in a rather crowded commercial area. >> well, stewart, the thing is i've never seen a gator there. however this time of year the gators are looking to mate. they are not there encouraging gators, trust me. a gator can go down streets at night and go through pipes, come through all kinds of swamps around that place. and by the way, obviously the person the gator wants to go for they're afraid. if it was hungry, and there was ankles splashing around that to the gator is something that gator might want. follow me? so the terrible thing is the gator is like -- the little eyes stick above the water to come towards that source of noise. they can pick up vibrations in the water.
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he runs like a bullet and he's there and what happened is a tragic thing. >> that's a large lagoon. 17 acres. is it difficult to keep them out? >> it's almost keeping a bird of prey. i had to get them inside of the enclosure. the point is they don't know when the gator are in there. disney does everything they can to control the gators. they're not encouraging it. but you got to remember, as you said, it's huge. water bodies adjoined to that body of water and who knows what came through there. you can't just take total control over how many million and a half gators they have in florida. it's impossible. just like birds of prey trying to get your chickens. just one of these tragic things. you get hit by lightning or win the lottery before this would happen to you. >> is this unusual for a gator to come so close in such shallow
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water in these circumstances? >> not really shallow water. people are watching their clothes for example. you can look at the number of people in africa. splashing noise. he just thinks this is something that -- i told you they can go up to six months to a year without eating. who knows when he came in the lake. who knows what that gator -- was he trying to find a mate or food? my heart really does -- this thing has bothered me more than anything. disney did everything they could and the parents god help them, the husband did everything he could because the power of a gator's jaws is beyond any animal any the world. the father did what he tried to do but just couldn't be done. >> it is truly a horrendous situation here. i would believe anyone living near a lake in florida is now asking how do you keep them out and how to defend yourself from this kind of thing? >> you know, a good point.
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look at golf courses that have gators on them. the neighborhoods are built around these lakes. i've seen people where they know the galters are in the ponds and know not to feed them. the minute you start feeding them you're asking for a big problem beyond the loss of life. you cannot feed these gators. this is not what's done at disney. there's a huge area. disney is the size of a county basically. they can't just put a wall around it. >> it's extremely rare. i have records that say 23 fatalities since 1940. we're looking at 75 years, 23 fatalities. >> right. what you have just said, first of all, you're right, because you get hit by lightning -- look at lightnings problems, because these gators are -- people have their farms and ranches around florida since the '40s. you can imagine like should -- e
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heck of a lot more people, up to 300, 500 people but gators are afraid of humans. >> is there a al gator control system in florida? if someone sees a gator what do they do? call up and say get rid of this thing? >> they sure do. the florida game and fish is at the very top of their job because they do have a lot of the animals there. the gator is a prehistoric animal. the state of florida you call them they'll come in and relocate the gators. call them and they tell people what to do. if they're feeding them then you're going to get fined and a jail sentence. >> don't kill them? if you say i've got a gator in my backyard they don't kill it, they take it away, relocate? >> a lot of times -- depends how big they are. a lot of times they relocate them and a lot of times they'll
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take the gator out. just like where i live, people are caught feeding the bears the bears will come back because they think the person is a food source. now in montana, especially in florida if you're caught feeding gators, you're going to be either in the slammer or paid a hefty fine. they do a great job controlling their gators. >> we appreciate you being with us. >> yep, thank you. >> well, here's a question. could disney be held liable for this alligator attack? fox news analyst is with me. i take it disney could be held liable? >> yes. absolute absolutely. as a practical matter disney disnot want to litigate this. they're the most family friendly resort on the planet would like to settle this case. there's a couple of issues. when you invite someone on to your property for the purpose of conducting a commercial
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transaction with you, you the property occupier have the highest duty of care to that person under the law. that means to warn them about all known or likely dangers and protect them from all known or knowable dangers. question, does permitting your customer, the parents to bring a 2-year-old to the edge of the shore knowing that alligators reside a few feet away, is that adequate protection. i suggest to you it is not and a jury will probably look at it that way. >> which means if it does go to court, disney would be -- they would say to disney you have got to make sure that this does not happen again. you must show the court reliable ways of stopping gators getting into that lake. >> it will happen faster than that because who will be on the hook? disneys insurance carrier. they'll probably order changes before the litigation happens. now post accident changes are
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not admitted in litigation so the jury won't know that but the insurance carrier who could be paying a fortune on these cases, if an adult were killed a child's death isn't worth much money. the insurance carrier for the land is going to require the changes. their own internal people will say you got to fix this right away because we have a death problem, a image problem and soon a market share problem. >> it's just not a money question at this point. it's a horrific event. the people who have been dealing with you reel when you see this. >> absolutely. >> any parent thinks good heavens. >> i am sorry to tell you but you and the folks watching us need to know this. the measure of damages of the financial worth of the child is what the child would have earned. it is not the emotional loss. >> how can you predict what a 2-year-old would earn? >> therefore, the damages for
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the destruction, the mutilation of this baby is a numerically low number which disney will happily pay. >> wait. wait. there's more to it than just the child. there are the parents who witnessed this. >> the parents will have an independent cause of action for their observation of the destruction of their child. that is an independent cause of action. >> what does that mean? a separate suit? >> yes a separate lawsuit in which doctors, medical experts will testify about the horrors visited internally upon the parents and for that, they can get substantial compensation. >> our viewers are looking at the site of a press conference coming up and our peter is on the spot. peter i know you're with me. what is the latest from the scene there? >> reporter: stewart, the latest from the scene is that now we're starting to hear from some other eyewitnesses. a man had spoken to the orlando
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fentinal who described what he saw the mother doing as the father of this nebraska family on vacation was trying his best not to let his 2-year-old son slip away to an alligator that the witness told them that i looked over and here comes one of the life guards. he said, everybody get out of the water, the mother was there and she was frantic running up and down looking. now that guest also did describe the place where this happened where the alligator snatched the toddler as being near a play area of one of the resorts swimming pools. today disney has shut down all the beaches and marinas as a recovery effort wears on. we know of at least five alligators on the property that the prtrappers have found and euthanized so they can look
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inside those alligators for any trace of this 2-year-old so far. they have not found anything but again they told us that we were going to get a press conference if there was news, if they had an update about the status of the search. and they told us this a little while ago that they wanted to talk to us at 4:00. so we should get an update any minute. >> peter i am familiar with that property and lagoon and that beach area. because it is a beach area where this child was taken. it's very shallow water and as i recall, there are no swimming signs posted prominently. the child however was not swimming. he was in such shallow water he was simply wading not far from the beach. is that an accurate description of where this took place? >> that is. it took place really for people who have not stayed at the hotel but have been to disney world, it's one mono rail stop away from the magic kingdom and this body of water is something that
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you would see between the park and the resort's own hotels. as best as we understand it we heard that he was splashing around -- this 2-year-old was splashing around in two inches of water. one of the law enforcement authorities said that he heard it was about a foot of water. either way, it was not much water and the sheriff told me after the last press update that from the time the alligator came out of nowhere really and bit into the 2-year-old, it was just a few seconds, the father was only able to try for a few seconds to save him before the gator disappeared into this manmade lake, the seven seas lagoon not to be seen again. >> can and peter, hold on for a second. you listened to this. >> yes. yes. peter, is it fair to say that notwithstanding the no swimming
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sign which obviously a 2-year-old can't read, it was generally disregarded by patrons at the hotel? >> you know, when we asked the sheriff earlier today about the sign there, he said there were signs. we don't know exactly how far away from one of the signs this happened. but they were very careful to say there were no swimming signs. something that is missing though from this part of the property are signs warning about alligators in the area which anybody that spent time in florida knows that anywhere your go near marshy areas you're going to see a sign that says be aware there are alligators in the area. those signs were not there. there were no swimming signs. the life guard who saw this all play out from his balcony, he would have been from a pool area that was on the property nearby.
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>> peter, let me come into that. the grand floridian is very, very close to the lake where this incident occurred, it's a matter of yards from that particular hotel's swimming pool across a paved area to this beach area. it is less than 100 yards from the pool to that beach area. and it's a very heavily traveled area. there are tourists and people all over the place at this point. judge? >> listen from what peter told us in tandem with what jack hanna told us. this is a highly dangerous environment. sorry to sound like a plaintiff's lawyer with grossly inadequate warnings. >> no one expects it, this kind of thing. look, you just don't -- the grand floridian, tyou're right n this lake. tourists everywhere.
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it's called a beach. there are beach chairs for you to sit on. it's a wading pool almost. less than a foot deep. you just don't expect it. >> but disney is charged with the duty of knowing the proclivities of alligators, their tendencies, their habitats and what they pursue. from what peter has told us disney has inadequately warned people from nebraska about their proclivities. on the left-hand side of our screens our viewers are looking at the site of the press conference coming up. we understand that it is going to be given by the orange county sheriff. he's going to be reporting on what we're calling the recovery effort. that essentially means the recovery of a body is that correct peter? >> they told us they were going to come back when they had something to tell us. to your point just now, the conversation between you and the judge, stewart, disney does have
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a protocol, a program in place where they find gators, they take them off the property and the sheriff said that is something worked for them here for 45 years. but i was speaking to someone who is very familiar with some of the outer parts, further away from the park of this property who said that at night it could be like jurassic park around here. and some of the outer parts of the property. because there are so many alligato alligators. just what you get in this part of florida. they are not known to be where this attack happened last night. first time in 45 years that anything like that has happened. in florida there have only been 23 fatal alligator attacks in the last seven decades. so it's something even though it's so rare, they know they have a lot of alligators here, they do have employees who are
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tasked with finding them and getting rid of them. something they have had success with in the past but obviously there was something that went wrong last night. >> hold on for a second. i've got disney's statement. they have put out a statement. i'm going to read it. everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family. we're helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement. the family by the way came from nebraska. they have been staying at the hotel. they're on vacation. they have three children, man and wife, three children. it was the youngest child, the 2-year-old taken by the alligator. i believe it was last night. i think that's when this incident occurred. now judge, peter was referring to the description of parts of the lake, the lagoon. jurassic park, not uncommon for these reptiles to be clearly
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seen. >> what was a family from nebraska with no familiarity with -- i'll use peter's phrase, jurassic park nature of this place at night. adequately warned about the danger of alligators. not about the danger of swimming but about the danger of alligators. the answer to that from what peter described is no. >> i must confess judge that i'm troubled by the legal words that we are using here. the concept of liability. the concept of warning signs. >> it's just a -- in effort to be fair to the landowner as well as to the injured plaintiff. >> i take your point but this is so awful, dreadful. any parent can understand the sheer horror of what those parents saw. >> that is why disney, their pr people and their lawyers and their risk management people will offer an enormous sum to this family well beyond what a jury would likely award. >> but then again it's not money
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is it? >> no. you can't compensate for this kind of loss but it's the best means we have in the year 2016. >> the viewers are seeing on the left-hand side of your screen, that is the site of a press conference which we expect to be held imminently. the authority in this case will be the orange county sheriff. he will give us the latest on what is called the recovery effort. that would be the recovery of the child's body. when they have something for us, they will approach those microphones that you can see there and they will tell us what they have. on the right-hand side of the screen you can see from a top shot, that is the area where this incident took place. it's a large lake. i believe it is 17 acres. that's a sizeable body of water and i believe it is fed but not streamed by canals. that is what people are saying is maybe the way that the alligators got into that larger lake. peter, can you confirm that,
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wait a second, i see a sheriff approaching the microphones. i don't think he's begun yet. >> that's not him. >> that's not the sheriff. peter, can you confirm there are indeed canals leading to that lake and that could be the method of entry of of these alligators. right the lagoon is connected to other waterways and something that we had not heard until the last update is that because it is a manmade waterway, there are some kinds of mechanical instruments beneath the surface that were complicating the search effort. so the 50 plus members of the orange county sheriff who were here aiding in the search with boats that had sonar and helicopters and then on the shores, it does not sound like they are used to dealing with
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such as sophisticated waterway with whatever kind of machines they have underneath. >> peter just a few moments ago you described for us a report in the orlando sentinel where other witnesses to this dreadful event have come forward and described what they saw. for the benefit of the viewers who may be joining us. would you repeat what those eyewitnesses have been telling the sentinel. >> one of the eyewitnesses described being a guest at the grand floridian and watching this family from the balcony as they walked along the water after 9:00 last night and we've heard throughout the day today stories about how the dad was basically trying to wrestle the alligator for his son. and he was not able to get his son. now according to this witness as soon as the alligator took the toddler under water where they
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disappeared until now unless there is an announcement they have found him and this witness described the mother running frantically along the shores of the seven seas lagoon screaming and looking for her child, again, all the updates that we have gotten this morning and this afternoon are that the alligator, once it took this 2-year-old out of his father's hands near a pool area at the grand floridian, one monorail stop away from the magic kingdom it was not seen again. >> that's an important detail. are you telling us the father was holding the child's hand while the child was wading in the water. >> no. no. no as soon as -- the father did based on witness descriptions and what authorities have told us, he was able to grab ahold of his son or of the alligator for
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a few seconds but the grip he got on his son was not enough to get it out of the alligators mouth. >> and we believe that the whole peter?t took less than 30 >> reporter: that's correct. >> judge? >> peter continues to be a treasure trove of information. being the canals were manmade by disney impose an even greater burden on disney to protect against the consequences of their use. the law is different when you're dealing with natural ponds and streams as opposed to those which you have crafted to your own specifications. >> i just find it so difficult to talk in legalistic terms and to mention money on an occasion like this. i'm sorry judge i find it extremely difficult. >> well, if there is a trial it would be a long time from now but i don't think there will be one. that disney is going to do all
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it can to make this family whole so far as money can make them whole. >> jack hanna is back on the line with us. we have heard some description of the actual seizing and the taking of the child. it sounds as if the alligator got his jaws on him and pulled him away and under. you were mentioning about the strength of an alligator's jaws. expand please. >> well, when the alligator -- the alligator doesn't chew. once they bite down it's a matter of never letting go until whatever that may be is in the water under water whatever it might be unless they're on land but most of the times they'll strike and go back in the water. no matter how strong that father was because i the alligator is doing things and the power and speed is beyond comprehension. i'm surprised it didn't happen
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faster. the poor father couldn't have done anything. >> once the alligator has clamped down on the child there's not much you can do because the alligator retreats very, very quickly correct? >> exactly. i've had a two, three foot alligator where i tried to work with guys in research that they're checking the jaws and everything and their research, i couldn't even hold a two to three footer. and i'm pretty big and strong. these things are powerful. >> the people who work with this all the time, you must be appalled at this. i'm sure you've never heard of anything like this before have you? >> no i haven't and been doing this for 40 years filming gators and crocodiles all over the world. i've seen what can happen. like i said in africa people doing their laundry as well as asia. some of them get 18 to 22 feet. the biggest ones. however this one was a smaller one but makes no difference.
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the father was in there and they do not like people. they usually run from people. >> hold on from one second. jack thank you for your presence. they're approaching the microphones. we expect to hear the latest on the recovery effort. >> speaking right now will be sheriff jerry demings followed by executive director nick wiley from the florida fish and wild life conservation commission. sheriff demings. >> we're here this afternoon to give you an update on where we are with this recovery effort. we'll share with you that we just met with the family, spent some time with them and delivered this update. at about 1:45 today members of
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the orange county sheriff's office dive team located what was believed to be the remains of the deceased, the 2-year-old and i'll identify him in just a few moments. at about 3:30 today we recovered the remains of the 2-year-old from the water and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner's office for an autopsy. the family i'm going to go ahead and identify the parents are matt and melissa graves from elk horn, nebraska. their 2-year-old is lane graves. i will share with you that the child was found, his body was
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completely intact and so at this time we will both do the formality of making a formal identification. but there's no reason for us to believe that the body that was recovered was not that of lane graves. the effort to continue with the wild life management here at disney will go forward. i'm going to turn it over at this time to the executive director for fwc who will share with you more details about their efforts. director. >> thank you sheriff demings. well first again we just want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with this family on
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behalf of our entire agency and we are heartbroken at this outcome. i want to thank sheriff demings and the sheriff's department throughout this entire tragedy. they have been great to work with. i would also like to thank disney. they have been totally cooperative as we worked through this and how we handle this tragedy. so although we have some sort of closure to this, our investigation is still ongoing and we're going to continue to evaluate the evidence we have and we're going to try to continue searching. we're going to make certain we have the alligator involved and that we remove it from the lake. so we're going to either verify we have already captured that alligator through forensics work or continue to look for an alligator until we find the right one and we'll continue to work with disney as they worked to continue to address alligators in their park and continue that strong partnership. with that, that concludes my
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report. thank you. >> the family had asked that we do deliver a message to you and the message is that they do appreciate all of the prayers that have gone forward to allow those of us who were working on the professional side to do our jobs to recover their son so they can move forward at this time with a proper burial and so on behalf of that family i deliver that message to you. i will tell you that it was a tough message to deliver to them to let them know that at this point their child is dead. so at this time we will entertain a few questions. >> how important -- how important is to find the alligator?
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>> again, there were several alligators located and i'm going to let the fwc director speak to you about the process they use to try to confirm whether or not one of the alligators that has been located is the right one or not. >> sheriff -- >> quickly we're going to look at the five alligators and compare things like bite marks and such as that. we don't know what we have yet. it's still early in the investigation. there's a good chance we already have the alligator because we focused our efforts in their area where this incident occurred. there's a good chance but we're going to go through the process to make certain. if we can't get a certain match we'll continue to look for alligators to make sure we have done everything we can and all the due diligence to make sure we have taken that alligator out. >> where did you find the al gator? >> sheriff?
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>> where did we find the child? he was within the immediate area where he was last seen. took some time to go through and make certain. the water is kind of merky but our divers were able to locate the body. >> how much of the body was found intact? >> do you believe the child was dragged through the water and drowned? >> i believe what the autopsy has to confirm that but likely no question in my mind that the child was drowned by the alligator. >> was the signage to warn people about alligators? >> there's signage of no swimming. disney will look at all of their protocol and signage i'm sure
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going forward. >> do you recommend they have those signs saying about gators? >> due to the partnership i will tell you our ultimate concern is about the safety of the guests here at disney as well as the public. and as the investigation continues we will continue our investigation with the orange county sheriff's office and i'm certain there will be opportunities in the future to look at what has occurred an see how it could be prevented. >> how -- [ inaudible ] >> we will get to the spanish media. >> what process do they go through? >> i think the director just kind of explained that process about what they will do to ensure they have the right gator. >> can you tell us about what the family was doing along the shore in the water? what exactly were they doing? >> the family, they were
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vacationing. there was a place -- there's a regular pool nearby and they were sitting outside that area. it's a beach-like area and sitting there enjoying the evening and they have a 4-year-old child. this 2-year-old was just along the edge of the banks playing in the water when this occurred. >> sheriff, the family has been waiting about 15 hours. did you deliver the message yourself and what was their immediate reaction hearing the news? >> i deliver ed the message alog with a catholic priest of course the family was distraught but also i believe somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body intact, one, and two, that he was located so they can come to grips with what has happened. >> how far out in deep water?
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>> the child wasn't swimming. it was wading. and yet there's nothing to suggest there was a danger in that and there is a beach area. do you think -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to comment on that at this time. disney will look at all those particular issues within disney's purview at this point. >> can you talk about anything that you all would be doing on the state level and fwc to review some of the policies and regulations surrounding gators being this close to areas where children are and visitors come here. they don't know that our waters carry alligators like this. do you guys talk about that? >> any time there's a tragedy like this, we definitely will work with everyone involved to try to determine if there's something we can learn, if work do something better to make sure
1:36 pm
this never hatchppens again. but that's an ongoing process that we'll take time to work through. >> does that include regulations? >> it could include anything right now. i wouldn't discount any measures we would take or change. i would say we would really try to learn from what happened here. >> what has disney done -- >> any reports of feeding gators. >> we have not gotten any reports. >> when is the last time you had reports of gators anywhere on the property? >> disney has a very proactive program for identifying and removing alligators that are fear of people or might be a risk and they remove numbers of alligators routinely and we have an open partnership where they can call a trapper and even their own staff are allowed to take out alligators when they see one is a problem.
1:37 pm
[ talking over one another ] >> i don't have the numbers for your right now. we don't get complaints because it's an open process. they take the action direction. >> how deep water was this? >> i'm going to estimate -- i don't know -- 10 to 15 yards out. not sure how deep but was told approximately six feet. we will take measurements and all of that. that will come out. >> were there other people in the water with the child? and what was this child doing in your view? was he doing anything that he shouldn't have been doing? >> there were no other people in the water at the the time and i believe what this 2-year-old was doing was perhaps what any 2-year-old might be doing as well. thank you all. we shared the bit of information we could share at this time.
1:38 pm
>> we've just been told the gruesome details of that alligator snatching the 2-year-old and briefly go through it. sheriff jerry demings of orange county described what happened. the young child lane graves, 2 years old, had been wading fairly close to his parents who were in the pool area of the hotel. very close by. the parents are matt and melissa graves. the child was dragged under by the alligator and according to the authorities drowned. the body of the child was found inta intact. when the sheriff delivered the news to the parents he took with himming a catholic priest. they were relieved to find that the body of the child had been found intact. then we heard from nick wiley with the fish wildlife conservation commission. he said they will continue to look for alligators to make sure
1:39 pm
that they got the alligator which took the child. they are reasonably shoe they did indeed get the right alligator but they will continue to search. it's a dreadful situation and we have just had it described in full by the authorities in orlando. judge, thoughts sir? >> i think the case against disney to the extent you want to discuss this dollars and cents aspect is a stronger case in light of the absence of warning to the parents of the likely presence of alligators particularly what peter told us es earlier about the jurassic park nature of this place after dark and this did happen after dark. i don't think that will affect the outcome of this case because knowing the way disney's business model is they'll pay these folks a lot of model in the hopes they can make themselves look good to the public. >> i have to return to liability. you said disney is liable.
1:40 pm
got that. what about the state officials there, the fish wildlife conservation commission, because as i understand it, judge, you straighten me out on this, the water is owned by the government. >> yes. >> and it is operated by the government. >> i know that sounds weird but water law provides that if that water has as its source anything governmental in nature, a river, a stream an ocean to connect that to a body of water off disney's property the government owns the water but the government is not a guarantor of safety on its property and the fish and wildlife folks expressed immunity from liability under florida law. the parents cannot see the state and its officials seeking money damages because of this tragedy. >> i can see how the parents would be utterly distraught. all parents listening to these grim details will be distraught.
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>> of course. >> it's one of those saturdays things i've ever had to report on in my life. but to repeat, the child was found, the body of the child was found we're told by the sheriff there in 15 feet away from the shore, 6 feet of water. these where the body of the child was found. they are taking that body now for formal identification and an autopsy of course to make sure they have the right cause of death. the sheriff says he's pretty sure the cause of death was drowning. that conforms to what we heard earlier by an animal expert who said that an alligator would grab its victim, retreat rapidly, pull it under water and drown, not dismember but drown the child. that appears to be what has happened. matt and melissa graves were visiting florida on vacation at the disney property. they have three children.
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it is the 2-year-old who was dragged down by that alligator. lane graves is the child's name. had an older brother, a 4-year-old also in the presence there. the sheriff told us there were no other people in the water at the time. except the 2-year-old who was literally wading and paddling around in very low level of water. less than a foot. the alligator appeared out of nowhere we are told, that's the sheriff's expression, out of nowhere, grabbed the child, retreated, the parents, that is the father attempted to wrestle with the alligator. peter, come in please. we understand that the father managed to get a hand on the alligator or his child's hand. confirm that please. >> reporter: right. that was what we understood from the first time that we heard about this late last night
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stewart. what's new just now is that earlier we were led to believe that the boy was ankle/knee deep, a foot or two into the water. it sounds like he was significant live further, maybe as far as ten yards into this manmade seven seas lagoon. something else new is that the spot where they found this 2-year-old's body intact is not near the immediate area where the boy was last seen. so we have seen the aerial shot in proximity magic kingdom, to the grand floridian hotel where the boy was last seen. that is not close to where his remains were located. the sheriff also said it is his belief that this poor boy drowned because of the condition of the remain -- we understand this briefing was given to us
1:44 pm
less than an hour after the parents still on the property somewhere got a visit from the sheriff and from a priest. he said they are very upset. he told us their name and now it's going to be a very difficult night a couple years for them. >> peter, thank you very much. we will take a short break and return in a moment. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade
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the alligator attack in florida, the body of the child, 2-year-old lane graves has been found. the body is intact. the sheriff says the child was drowned. come in please, jeff corwin. animal expert. jeff, it appears that the alligator snatched the child, retreated, went away from the shoreline and drowned the child. is that consistent with the way an alligator gets its victim?
1:48 pm
>> it is one strategy they use to take their prey, stewart. it's also possible that during the maylay, the chaos that the alligator had been startled and released the child and being a young child it could have drowned in that traumatic situation. >> once the alligator has a grip on its victim. in this case a 2-year-old child, it doesn't let go, does it? >> it is very hard to cause an alligator to release its vice-like grip. it's a tool to their predatory skillset. that powerful pressure. thousands of pounds per square inch and they'll often wait at the rivers or the lagoon's edge, most of their body concealed by the shadow of the water and lunge forward and grab their prey. >> i'm trying to give some
1:49 pm
advice to other people who may live in florida near lakes where alligators are present. they move very quickly, do they not? very, very quickly indeed? >> that is true, stewart. for a very short period window of stretch of distance. they can move incredibly fast, shockingly fast. but that's only for 15, 20 feet. of course, that's all an alligator needs, right, at the shoreline. people need to have commonsense, be wise whenever near a waterway, a lagoon, pond, river in florida. even standing water that isn't permanent can have an alligator. these creatures 40 years ago nearly extinct but they have rebounded incredibly and there are millions of alligators in florida and if you're near water, chances are there's an alligator around. >> have are they a protected species? >> historically they were an endangered species and now they're managed federally and in
1:50 pm
the state of florida. >> how do you catch them? >> womit's no easy task. i've done it many times. it's often done at night. very hard to sneak up on an alligator during the daytime hours. it sees you and takes off. lighting fast. to capture one of these animals it's at night you use a spotting light. aim directly at the eyes. on th him fixed on the lamp and then you creep forward and you often put a noose around their neck and secure them and pull them into the boat. >> jeff cohen, thank you very much indeed for joining us on this somber occasion. >> tragic. >> yes, indeed. we're back in a moment with the libertarian candidate for the presidency with us. we're going to talk about no fly, no buy, as in guns. back in a moment. of control. profits... and we pay the price. gouging. block action in the legislature. california. prescription drugs. of the drug companies... relief act.
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1:54 pm
what you're looking at is the floor of the united states senate. senate democrats are filibustering, trying to draw attention to a particular bill which is the no fly, no buy bill. that is, if you're on the no fly list, you can't buy a gun. donald trump is going to meet with the nra to discuss that. the no fly, no buy idea. trump will discuss that with the nra. look who is here. libertarian presidential candidate and former new mexico governor, gary johnson. where would a libertarian stand on no fly, no buy? >> well, gary johnson would say no, you shouldn't, you shouldn't -- >> well gary johnson would say -- you're a libertarian. >> that's right. the libertarians would say, these lists are flawed. it's my understanding that there are active members of congress on this list.
1:55 pm
>> okay, so you object to the practicality of it. >> to the practicality of it. >> what about the principle of it? >> well i think we should be open to the principle. we should be open to the discussion of how we keep guns out of the hands for example of the mentally ill. but i have not heard a proposal that would actually do that. proposals i hear theoretically are going to keep me from buying a gun if i want to buy one. >> i always thought libertarians were a go if you like, boys. the second amendment is the second amendment, go at it. >> there are varying degrees of libertarians, just like there are varying degrees of republicans. think as president of the united states. i'm hoping to be elected as president of the united states. you can count on me to have a process to look at these issues. >> would you be in favor of a no fly, no buy proposal if you could be sure that the people on that no fly list are genuinely a terror threat and should be on that list? if you could do that, would you
1:56 pm
say yes to that bill? >> you're asking a theoretical that actually doesn't exist, these lists, that's the problem with these lists. it's the problem with the death penalty is that there's a 3% to 4% error rate in the death penalty. all of these lists, every single governmental list is flawed in that sense. >> you're in the presidential race, latest polls show me you've got 9% of the vote, thereabouts, you really need 12% to get into the debates, am i right? >> actually it's 15. and you know right now the key is just to stay in these, in these polls that do determine who gets in the debates. i'm confident that myself and bill weld that our records as republican governors in heavily blue states, having both gotten re-elected that our resumés, that our history in office stands up under the scrutiny that would go along with it. >> you're going to get 15%? yes or no.
1:57 pm
>> hopefully allky do is plug away and i can plug away on your show, stewart. >> gary johnson, presidential candidate, libertarian. all right, everyone, "the five" coming up after this. what's it like to be in good hands?
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take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. hello, everyone i'm kimberly guilfoyle and this is a fox news alert. some heartbreaking news a short while ago on the search for a 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator at a disney world resort yesterday. >> we've recovered the remains of the 2-year-old from the water. and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner's office for an autopsy. the 2-year-old is blaine graves. his body was completely intact. there's likely no question in my mind that the child was drowned by the alligator. >> the child's body


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